IYCE News Summer 2019

Yoga Course with Bobbby Clennell

We had a very enjoyable and challenging three days with Bobby Clennell from New York. Over forty students attended, most for the whole course but a few could only come on Friday.

Comments included  “What a fantastic weekend,” “the amazing effects of yoga”

“I would just like to thank you and your fellows at IYCE for arranging such a wonderful weekend with Bobby Clennell. I found her teaching quite delightful, generous and absorbing, passionate and full of zest with an extraordinary ability to create the most fantastic atmosphere in the hall.  I could have gone on for days. We all benefitted hugely.”

“I have to say it has been a wonderful three days of yoga with Bobby, thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Bobby outlined the elements of Nature and then illustrated how they act and are utilised in various asanas. These elements are known as the panca-mahabhutas and consist of Earth – Prthvi, Water – Ap, Fire – Tej, Air – Vayu and Ether - Akasa

The subtle corresponding aspects of the five elements are known as panca-tanmatra Smell – Gandha tanmatra, Taste – Rasa tanmatra, Form – Rupa tanmatra, Touch – Sparsa tanmatra and Sound – Sabda tanmatra.


Subscriptions are due for 2019. You will receive the subscription form under separate cover. Please note we have kept the Royal Mail PO Box so this is the address to use for all correspondence.

Teachers Support Group

The next Teachers Support Group sessions at Highwood Village Hall are on 15 June, 20 July and 28 September. No meeting in August.

Pranayama Class

The monthly Pranayama Classes with Susan Long are on 7 July, 4 August and 1 September 2019 at Highwood Village Hall. E-mail [email protected]  to book a place. Equipment is available but you need to bring your blankets.

Workshop with Claire Hanrahan

Claire’s Friday evening workshops at the Quakers Meeting House, Rainsford Road, Chelmsford are on 14 June, 27 September, and 8 November.

Email [email protected] or text 07798 725 557 to book a place.

Summer School Workshops with Susan

Susan will teach two Summer School Workshops on 6 and 13 August at Highwood Village Hall from 10.00-12.30. Email [email protected] to book your place.

Summer Intensive Course with Lois

Lois is teaching her summer intensive course at Highwood Village Hall from Monday 19 August to Friday 23 August. There will be 5 morning classes and 3 evenings, same as last year. Email Lois for a booking form [email protected] The costs for the course are £80 for mornings and £50 for evenings.